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20 EUR

Digital reproduction of a handmade drawing
Indian ink and watercolor on paper - 2018
(each print is signed and certified with emboss stamp)

420 x 297 mm :::: 16.5 x 11.7 inches
UV archival ink jet print
Fine art paper/240grs

I has born in 1975, in Cascais, Portugal. Graduated in graphic design and illustrator by passion, my current work have a distinct connection with nature and botanical life, but also with abstract, geometric forms and patterns My works, mainly in Indian ink, are images with a hyper-detailed, almost scientific style that express a sense of freedom between the real and the imaginary world, inviting to different readings and interpretations. Each piece has several layers of reading, which invites us to discover new details as we approach or retreat from the work to better observe the overall composition.

For private commissions, contact Sergio Veterano directly via email: sveterano@gmail.com